Triangle Welding & Metal Fabrication Inc.

Responding to Each Customers Unique Individual Requirements.  

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New Construction
Additions / Modifications
Aluminum Welding
Stainless Steel Finishing
Industrial Piping
Rigging and Equipment


Industrial Maintenance

At Triangle Welding and Metal Fabrication we are prepared to respond to each customer's unique individual requirements. We understand the importance of rapid response and we are prepared to recommend corrective action for long and short term remedies. We understand that customer production is essential and we can mobilize on short notice.

Metal Fabrication 

We operate a steel fabricating and machining facility locally and we are prepared to custom fabricate as conditions dictate. We offer a broad array of shop operations and are attracted to projects of all sizes. We can respond to large project requirements as well as one piece jobs.

Heating and Air   

We will design, fabricate, and install in accordance with each customers requirements. Heating Boilers, process piping, low and high pressure steam  piping, vapor and hot water piping , including all mechanical equipment.

Industrial Coatings

We are able to provide many custom coating requirements, including painting, insulating ,galvanizing, and sandblasting.