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Triangle Welding & Metal Fabrication Inc. began operating  seven years ago as a sole-proprietorship. In July of 2003 the company became incorporated and was able to achieve WBE status. Jerry Farrar and his wife of 30 years Wanda had always hoped of owning their own Company.  With their parenting responsibilities behind them there was an opportunity to take some risk with their income. Armed with a welding machine, pick-up truck and the skills acquired from 19 years of being employed by someone else they started Triangle Welding & Metal Fabrications in a small shop behind their home. While operating with minimal tooling and limited financial resources the company was able to survive and grow because of their hard work and commitment to doing  business fair and honest.   Area farming operations , local merchants , general contractors and private citizens are responsible for the success that has allowed the company exist and continue to grow. Today the Company can proudly offer a number of valuable services to the community. Industrial Maintenance, Industrial Heating and Air requirements, Custom Metal Fabrications  and new construction are just a few of the services the company can proudly offer. By being committed to quality service, timely delivery, and a  fair price  the company hopes to continue to grow and service the community. .